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Deburring and Finishing services for
Stamping - Fourslide - Die Casting Industries
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Ace Finishing Company has over 30 quality years of experience. Our capabilities and expertise in finishing has allowed us to perform finishing applications on many different types of materials and complex designs. We create the process to produce a quality finish.  
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Desired Surface Finish: 


Bright Shine - Matt - Clean - Smooth





  • Dry Process De-burr

  • Dry ProcessCleaning

  • Vapor Degreasing           

  • Ultra-sonic Cleaning

  • Aqueous Cleaning

  • De-flash

  • Passivation

  • Rust Preventative

  • Burnish               

  • De-scale                 

  • Create radius

  • Wax                     

  • Break edges


Short Run / High Volume

Pick up and Delivery


Committed to quality

customer service.



Tumbling and vibratory surface finishing specializing in dry process deburring. A cost effective, friendly environmental solution.
Certs available on all processes.

Ace Finishing Co. LLC
225 Terryville Road
Bristol, Ct. 06010